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"Providing YOU with professional services to empower YOU and to be confident in how YOU look!"

You see it every day on covers of magazines, as you turn pages of the newspaper & those dreaded television commercials.  Women looking above beautiful! It's a wonder why most women struggle with self-image. Why?  Because they're always comparing themselves to all those model images; making one feel unappealing & inferior.

I know you're beautiful!  Do you know that?  Or are you still trying to fit the mold if you can fix just one thing?  You won't find beauty by losing a few pounds or trying to hide each blemish.  YOU are beautiful NOW!  With our professional makeup artists we won't make you look better, but we help you to see that you are beautiful; and from that & our sit down session, your confidence will shine in your photos.

It's my mission to empower you and to be confident in how you look!


~ 4 to 5 HR Photo Session ~

1 Location

$350 each person up to 6

1 Wardrobe Change

All Individuals will receive Copyright Disc


~ 3 HR Photo Session ~

1 Location

2 Wardrobe Changes

Copyright Disc of High Resolution Images

Mini Accordion Black Book