Self- taught artist Isabel Badea, specializes in mixed media and digital paint using a computer & mouse as her tools of creativity.

All Images Copyright © Belinha Starr

     At the age of 4 Isabel became sight impaired because of cancer and is blind in one eye.

Her challenging home life & depression was a constant reminder of the fragility of her sanity.  Art became her refuge & passion. She began to explore her imagination of hauntingly detailed dreams & expressed them on paper; finding a sense of creativity & freedom. Isabel's view is that our imaginations are essentially not to be understood & any belief in understanding it is an illusion. By her twenties her art went from sketch pad to digital. With the support of her best friend & now husband, he took her digital images to print; that began a new journey in her life. The sight of her images on high quality archival, oil base ink canvas were now a sense of accomplishment that feeds her need to create; a reality to her fantasy. Her minds eye sees the intense dark-side bringing out the unusual, & fantasy of her vivid and intense dreams.

    Growing up & even to this day Isabel never followed famous artists that inspire most to become artists themselves. She is inspired by life and herself to create. It is Isabel's intention that you notice the "realism" depth of her details, & the vibrancy of her work that allows you the viewer to create your own story behind every piece of her art. All art can be purchased on the Etsy app/site by clicking the 'Visit My Etsy' button below. There you will find Signed art prints, Clothing, Umbrellas & for a LIMITED TIME ONLY Shoes. Isabel also creates handmade crafts that can be purchased on Etsy.


Limited Edition signed Artwork Canvas, Prints, Cards & Merchandise

THE HUB ON CANAL: 132 Canal Street, New Smyrna Beach, Florida 32168

GALERIA LYONS: 41 King Street, Unit B, Saint Augustine, Florida 32084

PERKY PELICAN GIFTS & COLLECTABLES: 162 Saint George Street Heritage Row, Unit 21, Saint Augustine, Florida 32084

CREATIVE SOUL: 510 Outlet Mall Blvd #1070, Saint Augustine, Florida 32084

ST. AUGUSTINE ART ASSOCIATION: 22 Marine Street, Saint Augustine, Florida 32084

ANTOINETTE'S BATH HOUSE: 111 King Street, Saint Augustine, Florida 32084